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The 8th edition of our Giveback Program addresses education and technology access for underrepresented communities, embracing the theme of “A More Diverse Tech Future.” This embodies our commitment to advancing tech education, bridging the digital divide, and amplifying voices within the tech industry.


Since the first edition of the Giveback Program in 2019, we have improved the lives of over 10,000 people by making 1,010 donations through 114 NGOs. The causes we have supported have connected female founders to top-tier advisors and resources. We’ve left our mark in fostering engagement in STEM among underserved youth. Lastly, we have also contributed to job placements for people from all backgrounds, hoping to diversify the tech field and reshape employer hiring perspectives.

These examples demonstrate how technology for good can make a substantial impact when businesses engage in conscious initiatives. The Giveback Program, recognized with a Bronze award in Corporate Social Responsibility at the 2023 Stevie® American Business Awards, showcases its effectiveness in shaping a positive future for the tech industry.

This time, we have partnered with non-governmental organizations (NGOs)  to impact tech talent’s lives by creating educational opportunities through coding courses, leadership skills training, and social-emotional workshops. The four NGOs have distinct initiatives aiming at different groups of people, such as kids, teenagers, women, and adults with diverse backgrounds.

Why and How We Chose These NGOs

We selected four NGOs to participate in the 8th Edition based on specific criteria:

  • Clear focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
  • Alignment with the values and geographical impact areas of our active clients.
  • Demonstrated clarity in the impact of their causes.
  • Alignment of their proposed programs with this year’s theme, “A More Diverse Tech Future.”

On September 11th, we initiated an open call for US-based NGOs to apply for the Giveback Program. We received fifty-two applications, which we analyzed and then shortlisted. A panel of five evaluators scored each application, leading to the selection of the final four NGOs.

NGOs Participating in the 8th Edition

In the context of such great opportunities, we’re excited to introduce you to four NGOs diligently working on innovative initiatives. These organizations are already shaping a more diverse tech future.

  • First, let’s tip our hats to the Diaspora Global Foundation. This organization is making significant strides in supporting underserved children of color aged 5 to 15 through STEM education. Increasing the locations of camps, after-school programs, and events positively impacts over 220 lives within and outside the US.
  • Next up is Urban Arts, an NGO committed to empowering underrepresented and low-income students with arts and technology education. Their game design programs are expanding like wildfire, aiming to serve an impressive 3,000 students during this program year.
  • We also welcome Women Who Code into our fold. This global network supports a staggering 360,000 women worldwide in their tech careers through professional development and education. The funds raised will help make tech more accessible and build career resiliency for these talented women.
  • Last but certainly not least is the Committee for Children. They develop research-based, social-emotional learning curricula to create positive school climates that support learning and academics. Their work has already impacted over 26 million children in 45,000 schools globally!

These NGOs embody a collective action and outreach philosophy by providing access to technology and quality education.

How it works

In addressing the challenge of bridging the gap in technology access, we invite our clients to join our cause. We know that creating the change we envision will require a collective impact. Easier said than done? Perhaps not.

It takes just one click. 

Our clients choose the NGO they wish to support, and we donate on their behalf. How? Simply by clicking on the cause of their choice.


With a click, our clients can join our efforts and provide opportunities for tech talent to access technology, thrive, and further their skills and careers. With one click, our clients will change the future of tech talent.

Highlighting the Need for Tech Access and Education

The following numbers paint a clear picture: there is an urgent need for tech access and education. Through our Giveback Program, we aim to illuminate these shadows and help create a brighter tech future for all.

It’s important to acknowledge that 42 million Americans still lack access to broadband internet, and 2.9 billion people worldwide have never used the internet. Every single effort counts toward bridging this digital divide.

The future beckons with an increasing number of jobs in math occupations, projected to increase by over 30,000 annually until this decade ends. As Michael Allen, chair of Tennessee Technological University’s math department, aptly said, “Mathematics is becoming more and more a part of almost every career.” Yet only one in five graduate students in math-intensive subjects at US universities are American.

Next Steps: Collective Effort by BairesDev and Its Clients

Our NGOs have been selected, their causes vetted, and their missions aligned with ours. But what comes next is perhaps the most critical phase—a collective effort that will span November and December.

This celebrates every action that shapes a brighter future for tech talent. Each donation propels us towards a more accommodating future for people from all walks of life.

We’ll be ready to announce the impact of these efforts in January 2024. The results won’t just reflect numbers or statistics but real lives improved through technology.

Learn more about the Giveback Program here.

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